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Looking to Upgrade Your Tactical Weapons?

Tallyn's Can Help! 
Tallyn's is always looking to purchase gently-used tactical firearms.

xdmbox2a.jpgTallyn's Tactical Solutions is interested in taking your modern, working, tactical and personal defense firearms for credit towards an exciting new purchase. Now is the time to upgrade to better features, higher quality parts and construction, or a caliber that better meets your needs.

Have your days at the range gotten stale, firing the same weapons every time? Tallyn's can help you pick out a new weapon that you'll be excited to take shooting.

Do you question whether the weapon you have now for personal defense will meet the challenge, should you ever need it? Tallyn's will provide you with a weapon that you can trust at a moment's notice.

Maybe it's just time to trade in a few of your unused extra firearms and pick up some new accessories or stock up on ammo.

We are always looking for pistols, especially previous generation Glock Pistols, Springfield Arms, Walthers or other brands we carry. We are interested in your tactical shotguns, but not hunting shotguns. And we are open to many manufacturers' AR-Platform tactical rifles, especially Smith & Wesson.

We pay a fair value for all firearms in good working order, saving you the effort of finding your own buyer, dealing with legal requirements, and keeping you from worrying about the weapon once the deal is done.

31cbe0a724a6264a8165e2dd5a8d66b2.jpgTrade-In FAQ's

What is the advantage of trading my equipment to Tallyn's rather than selling it one-on-one myself?
- When Tallyn's purchases your used firearms, we assume all responsibility for the equipment. We will take care of any necessary repairs or cleanings prior to resale. When Tallyn's resells your firearm, we do so with a warranty guarantee. We also ensure that all the legal requirements for purchase and resale are met. When you sell your firearms privately, you risk conflicts arising if the equipment breaks, whether it's the fault of the seller or the purchaser or no one at all.

Will Tallyn's sell my firearm through consignment?
- No. We only give trade-in credit for used firearms outright.

When can I expect payment for my trade?
- The credit will be available immediately upon agreement.

Do I have to use any or all my credit immediately?
- No. Your credit can be kept on account, and spent at whatever pace you want. 


How should I present my trade-in to Tallyn's?
- Please feel free to call Scott Tallyn at (309)692-5005 to discuss your trade in. If you would perfer to simply come in with your weapon, please do so responsibly. Bring your weapon in a protective case, unloaded, and with every accessory and any original packaging you wish to include with the trade. Original accessories and packaging can increase the value of your trade.   


Looking for a unique look? 
Make your weapon stand out from the crowd.

Tallyn's Tactical Solutions has a new unique servce that will make your weapon stand out with a clean pop of color! We can take any pistol, shotgun or rifle with stamped inlays and painstakingly paint them to your specifications, done by hand and with an overnight turnaround. Most customers opt for a white inlay, but we have done a variety of colors, including reds and metalics.

paintingservices1.jpg   paintingservices3.jpg  paintingservices6.jpg

Custom painting can be even more than aesthetic, and enhance the function of your weapon - we have painted rifle mode selector switches to make them even more visible in low light as shown below, as well as painting the caliber inlays on Glock magazines for quick and easy selection when you carry multiple styles in your range bag.

paintingtaccon-lwrc.jpg   servicestaccon-lwrc3.jpg   paintingtaccon-lwrc2.jpg

$45 for basic rifle work.
$25 for basic pistol work.
Additional work available - Just ask!