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Concealed Carry Classes


November Classes:training-transparent.png

November 10th & November 11th.  This session will take place on one Saturday and one Sunday, (approx. 8:30 AM-5:00 PM)



It is Finally Here… Discover the Industry's Most Cutting-Edge Concealed Carry (CC) Training and Real-World Firearms Training for protecting yourself and your family from harm with the Industries Elite at Tallyn’s Training Solutions!

What if you could tap into the unmatched knowledge and expertise of some of the world's foremost experts and practitioners to understand how to maximize your firearm and the proper handling of your firearm, to be ready for a multitude of situations that may arise and to earn your coveted CCW.

• You'd feel confident and self-assured knowing that you have the knowledge and skills to quickly and effectively utilize your firearm to keep you and your family safe.

• You'd feel optimistic, knowing that Tallyns CC program has opened up a new world of personal protection and you know exactly how to use it to eliminate the most dangerous threats should they present themselves.

• You'd feel relieved, knowing that you don't have spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure how to effectively handle a firearm.

• You'd enjoy more time and less stress, knowing that you and your family are protected against all kinds of threats in todays climate.

• You'd feel proud, knowing that you are better prepared to keeping you and your family safe, should the situation arise.


In this incredible CC training experience, you will:

• Learn how to be highly effective with your firearm of choice

• Gain the knowledge, expertise and handling skill sets to properly utilize your firearm and be confident you will know how to react appropriately when necessary.

• Learn How to Conceal & Properly Utilize your Firearm in different types of scenarios.

• Enjoy the most incredible CC learning experience known to man, you will enjoy the latest state of the art facility, nationally-renowned instructors and an incredible learning experience which is unmatched.

• Enjoy the friendliest and most caring learning environment in the industry. You will be comfortable here regardless if you are a gun enthusiast, college student or a retired homemaker. We will give you the confidence you need to properly handle a firearm.

• We are passionate about helping you to learn about your firearm and the proper use of that weapon. We don’t turn and burn people through our program. You will be confident in your abilities when you leave us. 

• Earn your CC in just two short days!


Get Your CC by the Industry’s Premier and Most Highly Recognized Tallyns Tactical Training Solutions. 

But Isn't Getting a CC Time Consuming and Expensive?
You'll be able to complete the CC Program in 2 short days(and receive your trusted and Illinois recognized credentials) in two days!

PLUS... We offer convenient evening classes for those of you who have obligations on weekends!


Classes are ALL INCLUSIVE! Includes fingerprinting and registration at the time of your class! 

• Illinois 16 Hour Concealed Carry Training Class

• Electronic Finger Printing 

• Illinois Application Fee

• Online Submission to the State 

• Range Fees 

• Snap Caps 

As a Special Bonus for Enrolling with Tallyns, ONLY you will also get the following Items:

 • 30 Minute Personal Consultation of your Firearm 


 You can also view ALL of our additional programs and add-ons below.








The Time to Invest in Your Personal Well Being and Safety Is NOW!

Seating is limited to just 20

Register by Clicking the class links at the top of this page, or Call Tallyn's at 309-692-5005